Sinhala & Tamil New Year Celebrations at SLCJ

Sri Lanka College of Journalism celebrated unique national festival the Sinhala & Tamil New Year following the customs and traditions of Sri Lanka. The whole college sparkled with beautiful varieties of colours as the students wore the traditional clothes which emitted the New Year feeling.

As the first ritual, milk was boiled in a new earthen pot and was allowed to boil over, symbolizing prosperity. Following this the other rituals continued which involved lightning of traditional oil lamp and paying respect to strengthening of relationships between teachers and students.

After the customs were over, students opened the traditional ‘Avurudu Mesaya’ and the students enjoyed their meals together. The students enjoyed the traditional music during their meal.

The entertainment part was yet to come and amidst the sound of music the hint of it was given so the students and staff of SLPI & SLCJ gathered around the pavilion to watch the stunning performances of students which pleased everyone. The surprise dance done by the section of made the event more gratifying.

The competitions were started with the playing of Rabana and so on the games continued consisting; kana mutti bindima, banis kama (eating buns), the spoon race and Aliyata aha thabeema which arose the feeling of competition between both students, teachers and staff members.

Finally the celebration of ‘Avurudu’ ended with the Avurudu Kumari and Avurudu Kumaraya Pageant and everyone was engrossed with happiness.