The Sri Lanka College of Journalism Library offers you the chance to explore a world of knowledge. Home to over 3000 books and journals, the Library provides a unique space to study or meet up with friends. The Library of Sri Lanka College of Journalism has the resource material’s to provide information on journalism, media, and international relations, political and general knowledge. It plays a vital role in supporting the media research work done by the students of the Sri Lanka College of Journalism, Press Complain Commission of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Press Institute.

Resources :The collection consists of media related books, news papers, Sri Lankan and international journals, pamphlets, news clippings etc. The library also has a collection of CDs/DVDs such as Films, documentaries, including students’ assignments.

Membership : Only local journalists and past students can apply for the membership. ● Past Students- 500/= (per year) ● Journalists- 1000/= (per year) Others (University students/lecturers/teachers) can apply for the Reference membership. They are encouraged to consult the librarian prior to their visits to make necessary arrangements to use the library.

Facilities: Photocopy service- 5 rupees per page. ● Scanning- normal document-10 rupees per page. ● WiFi & Internet facilities. ● A4 Laser printout – Rs. 30/=

Library Hours : The SLCJ Library is open only on weekdays. It is closed on weekends, public and mercantile holidays. Hours: 8.30 a.m. to 5.00p.m.

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