A/L MEDIA 2019


SLCJ offers a postgraduate diploma with specialisation in four streams under its 10-month programme – Television, Print, New Media and Radio.

This diploma course offers the chance to develop skills and knowledge in two or more related fields of study at the intersection of media, business, design and new communications  technologies. It offers contextual study of the history, theory, ethics and criticism of the various practices, institutions and discourses in media, communication and information. Foundation skills and knowledge for work in the corporate media and information field is provided with considerable breadth of expertise.

In the first semester, all students, irrespective of their chosen medium, are taught the basics of Broadcast, Web and Print. From the second trimester onwards, students learn reporting in their choice of medium.

During the second semester, there will be some common courses and some stream-specific courses. This semester will be when students begin to focus on their chosen streams. The bulk of work during the third semester will be dedicated to stream-specific skills-oriented work.


Admission to the program is through a two-stage process:

Application – applications are screened and successful candidates are invited for an interview in College.