Welcome to Sri lanka College of Journalism

The Sri Lanka College of Journalism endeavors to uphold the theme “We shape the future,” by imparting world class training and education for journalists in Sri Lanka. The SLCJ is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to teach both print and broadcast journalism, and is the premier institute of it’s kind in Sri Lanka. The college has a faculty of experienced journalist trainers and draws on a pool of lecturers who are employed full time in national newsrooms. The Sri Lanka College of Journalism was established and is run by the media industry as a collective initiative along with the Sri Lanka Press Institute and the Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka.

SLCJ has produced more than 250 fresh journalists to the Sri Lankan media through its Diploma course since 2004.This is in addition to over thousand journalists trained under mid-career and regional training programmes.

The one year full time diploma course in journalism – The flagship programme of the SLCJ, releases a quality set of multi-skilled journalists for the Sri Lankan media. Monthly mid-career courses address immediate training needs of the Sri Lankan journalists who are already in the industry. The SLCJ also provides regular training courses for provincial journalists as well.

The SLCJ is administered by the Sri Lanka Press Institute, a partnership between The Editors Guild, the Newspaper Society, the Free Media Movement and the Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association. The SLCJ is supported by the governments of Norway, Sweden and Denmark while curriculum and training support is provided by FOJO media institute, the journalism training arm of the University of Kalmar in Sweden.

In all the courses conducted by the SLCJ, media ethics are strongly emphasized which helps the participants to keep to the Code of Practice developed by The Editor’s Guild of Sri Lanka. Since 2010 New Media is also incorporated to the SLCJ Diploma and Mid Career training to meet the growing demand by the industry as well as to keep up with the international standards on training that the SLCJ offers.

To be the premier Journalism training institute in the region.

To produced multi skilled professional journalists who will uphold the values of the fourth state and be at the forefront of creating and protecting an independent and responsible media culture. 

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